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21-28 March 2024

15+ Local & international artists
Curated by Eddie Zammit

Recognised as Australia’s leading regional street art destination, Benalla boasts an array of murals crafted by renowned artists such as Adnate, Dvate, Claire Foxton, Justine McAllister, Rone, and Guido van Helten. International talents like Choq and INSANE51 from Europe, as well as Elle and Lauren YS from the United States, have also left their mark on this regional town.

After a break of five years, largely due to the global Covid pandemic, the event is making a popular return to rejuvenate the community. Under the guidance of the new experienced curator, Eddie Zammit, The Festival has been rebranded simply as the Benalla Street Art Festival. Zammit brings a fresh vision to the project, expanding its programming to include cinema screenings, exhibitions, immersive art experiences, public forums, and over a dozen new murals.

Lasting a week, The Festival aims to stimulate the local economy and attract more visitors to the community. Zammit emphasises the importance of considering the overall aesthetics of the main shopping area, envisioning The Festival as an enticing reason for people to travel from Melbourne. With Benalla just over a two-hour drive up the Hume Highway from the CBD, Zammit sees the event as an opportunity to encourage visitors to explore Benalla and its beautiful surrounds. The Festival will showcase a blend of Australian talents like Lisa King and Travis Price, alongside international artists such as Amanda Valdes, promising a vibrant week long celebration of street art in the heart of Beautiful Benalla.


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