The last bite

Sun March 24, 2024
4:00 PM
To 6:00 PM

Vault Magazine’s Grace Sandles will lead a panel discussion on Sunday afternoon with artist Lisa King and local producer Mark Foletta about their collaborative Last Bite exhibition project.

The pair will be accompanied by some of the other local sustainable producers that helped to contribute produce to the event.

The discussion will no doubt meander over many topics, including the future of food, innovative sustainable farming practices, where creativity is found and the link between art and gastronomy.

Lisa is not only an international street artist, but also an avid culinary fan.

Mark manages a highly varied farming enterprise just out of Benalla growing cherries, wine grapes, organic French heirloom pumpkins and various vegetables and verjuice. He also has a commercial foraging licence for pine mushrooms which, along with his other produce, is directly distributed to some of Melbourne’s finest restaurants.

Foletta was awarded the 2023 Innovative Farmer of the Year for Diversity and Sustainability.

Visitors will have a last chance to wander the exhibition, curated by Eddie Zammit, as part of the Benalla Street Art Festival 2024.

Sponsored by Benalla Art Gallery as an official event of the Benalla Street Art Festival 2024.

The Benalla Street Art Festival 2024 is presented by Benalla Rural City Council, curated by Eddie Zammit and supported by the Victorian Government through the Regional Events Fund.

Event Location

Benalla Town Hall, 82 Nunn Street, Benalla

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