Minna Leunig

Raised in rural North-East Victoria on Taungurung country, Minna Leunig has dedicated numerous hours during her formative years exploring the bush on foot and horseback. This upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for the local environment. Leunig is particularly passionate about bringing art beyond gallery confines and into the public sphere through expansive murals. Guided by the belief that art should be seamlessly woven into everyday life and accessible to all, she works with this philosophy at the forefront of her artistic endeavours.

Why were they chosen

? Zammit says, “Minna is thoughtful about her work. I love that she holds animals, the environment and politics close to her heart. She has a lot to say and that’s why she has drawn such a loyal following over the years.”

Selected Artworks

A selection of previous analogue and digital artworks that best reflects the style of Minna Leunig.

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