Tommy Day

Tommy Day, hailing from Guditjmara, Wemba Wemba, and Yorta Yorta country in Victoria, is a multidisciplinary artist. He is the proud owner of Jirri Jirri Art & Design, a design practice. Collaborating with renowned artists like Adnate, Tommy endeavours to create authentic art. His close partnership with traditional owners is marked by a commitment to embedding design principles and philosophies at the core of all projects. Tommy’s passion lies in ensuring that traditional owners are well-informed and supported in making decisions about the land that align with the community’s aspirations and identity.

Why were they chosen

Zammit says, “Tommy is based in Shepparton and possesses a deep understanding of the region from an indigenous standpoint. When I met him, we immediately connected on a professional level. It’s all about the people behind the art. He’ll add colour and vibrancy whilst providing meaning and substance.”

Selected Artworks

A selection of previous analogue and digital artworks that best reflects the style of Tommy Day.

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