Melanie Caple


“Exploring the fragility of our landscape, this mural delves into the romanticism around darkness. Eucalyptus burns and feral cat skulls lie. Monarchs and a common kingfisher are also foreign, yet here they’re unaffected by the scrub burning below. A mural about invasion, about climate, and about painting.”

About Melanie

Having engaged in various roles within the arts industry, Melanie Caple has expanded her practice over the past decade. Her portfolio now includes intricately detailed oil paintings and expansive exterior murals. Investigating our connection with the botanical environment, she strives to immortalise a sense of place by employing avian species, vibrant colours, and native flora. Caple transforms walls and canvases to spotlight the delicate yet vibrant nature of our landscape. Notably, in recent years, she has discovered her artistic voice through the creation of increasingly larger public murals.

Curator’s Choice

Zammit says, “Melanie’s work ethic and professionalism are unparalleled. I’m appreciating her ongoing growth, and I anticipate her pushing artistic boundaries in Benalla.”

Selected Artworks

A selection of previous analogue and digital artworks that best reflects the style of Melanie Caple. This is the first time they have painted in the region.

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