Merda by @andy_taylor_photografs
Merda by @andy_taylor_photografs



Merda is a self-taught visual artist and trailblazer in Melbourne’s early graffiti scene. With a career spanning 35+ years, he stands as one of the world’s most innovative creatives, influencing both new and old school graffiti generations. Merda showcases versatility by employing various mediums and techniques to craft distinctive works characterised by clean lines and subtle minimalist colour. His reputation is unparalleled, recognised by those in the know.

Why were they chosen

Zammit says, “When discussing the graffiti origins in Melbourne, Merda is an inevitable mention. His enduring D.I.Y mentality has always been something I admire.”

Selected Artworks

A selection of previous analogue and digital artworks that best reflects the style of Merda. This is the first time they have painted in the region.

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