Lisa King


Lisa King, a self-taught artist from Adelaide, emerged as one of the pioneering females in the graffiti scene, challenging the male-dominated narrative in her hometown. Currently residing in Melbourne, King has evolved into a commissioned muralist renowned for her expansive public works, both on a global and local scale. Returning to Benalla, she aims to share her narrative and create a compelling exhibition at the Benalla Town Hall to make a bold statement.

Why were they chosen

Zammit says, “It’s my responsibility to stay informed about artists’ projects, and I was already familiar with Lisa’s aspirations for a solo exhibition. The moment I stepped into the Benalla Town Hall for the first time, it felt predestined. Additionally, considering I aimed to refresh her wall from 2019, there was no one more fitting for the job than Lisa herself.”

Selected Artworks

A selection of previous analogue and digital artworks that best reflects the style of Lisa King. This is the first time they have painted in the region.

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